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For a free assessment, please answer these questions:

1. a) What's the name of your project?

    b) Do you have a slogan (if so, what is it)?

    c) Will you use any languages other than English?

2. a) What's your mission?

    b) What are your core values?

    c) What are your strengths?

3. a) Who are your top competitors?

    b) Who are your top collaborators?

    c) What sets you apart from each?

4. a) What age range do you want to reach?

    b) Are they gender-neutral, feminine, masculine?

    c) What cultural background(s) are you reaching?

5. a) What design services are you considering?

    b) What do you want these materials to achieve?

    c) Do you have any shareable existing visuals?


6. a) Where might your graphics be used?

    b) Print (stationery, signage, merchandise, vehicles)?

    c) Digital (website, social media [list apps], tv, film)?

7. a) What best describes your aesthetic preferences?

    b) Any colours or aesthetics that rub you wrong?

    c)  Any existing examples you want to emulate?

8. a) How involved do you want to be in the process?

    b) What is your typical response time?

    c) When do you need your project(s) completed by?

9. What's your preferred communication method --

     email, text, phone call, video call, or in person?

10. Is there anything else you want to share or ask?

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