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Hello my friend! I'm Rylee Cizik, a trauma-informed creative coach, here to support you in expressing yourself authentically and unapologetically. This starts with internal work (on mental, emotional and somatic levels), which means accepting all parts of you to clear your blocks. From there, we'll strategize and I'll hold you accountable to taking aligned action!

My support is confidential and unconditional; I believe in the privacy and inherent wholeness of every human, which creates safety for your infinite exploration. This said, I do ask my clients to join me in respecting equality and taking accountability, which nurtures growth and healing for every organism. If you're curious about what's possible for you, please hit me up!


"If you consider getting coaching or support, I highly recommend Rylee. I had the most profound and deep coaching session with Rylee where she held the space for me so gracefully and authentically. She gave me all the space I needed to be with the inside talk I had, with my fears, and with my little one who was so deeply hurt and so sad. And through her help I was able to let go of all of that past pain, of all of that past sadness. My life is gonna get so much better because of that session with Rylee, I know it now. It already started and I'm so grateful.. Everything's unfolding and I'm excited for everything that's to come for me now!"

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